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Typesetting for the Jetsetting
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We bring the craft of typography back to design education. Our mission is to educate designers, students and practitioners on the fundamental skills of typography. We help designers build a typographic foundation to practice typesetting, improve the quality of communication, and preserve the integrity of design.

What To Expect

Typography is a skill of reasoning, knowledge, patience and experience, and one that produces work that expresses ideas with more clarity than any other design discipline. Students attending TypeEd will develop the typographic skills required to produce professional graphic design and gather a deeper understanding of proper typesetting can produce better design that actually communicates to the reader. These sessions are intended to develop practical skills.

Teaches Craftsmanship

In the age of speed, we’re missing the importance of craft. At TypeEd, we’ll teach you the basic rules of typesetting and how to be sensitive to effective typography, no matter what the application or medium. You’ll see why early traditions from the printing press still apply to our practice today.

Bridges The Gap

With the integration of web and motion design skills brought into design curriculums, the foundations of design like typesetting are no longer taught. TypeEd will help round out your current and past educational experience.

Makes You More Valuable

Whether you’re looking to make design decisions faster, save time typesetting catalogs, or just want to improve your production skills, we can help with specialty workshops and clinics that focus on specific tasks and exercises. Add the experience to your skill set to make you more valuable to current and future employers, clients and colleagues.

Trusted Support & Guidance

Once you attend, you’re part of the family. You’ll be supported by a family that’s headed by partners each with over 19 years of print, interactive and brand identity experience. TypeEd is a growing network of enthusiastic design professionals just like you, continually seeking to hone our typographic arts training.

Read more about attending, event formats, and registration. If you would be interested in bringing on TypeEd to train your team, please contact rachel [at] type-ed.com.