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TypeEd was founded by Rachel Elnar and Michael Stinson from their design studio, Ramp Creative, where they have been practicing annual report, brand identity, and interactive design since 2003.

The idea began early on. Rachel started teaching again after a 9-year hiatus and noticed that many of the college foundation classes were replaced with software classes. Michael observed that when typography was taught, it was not with the depth and detail in which he learned it, back when type was sent out for galleys and design was sent to printers on mechanical boards. When he juried design competitions for Graphis and the One Show, the repeated comment he heard among the jury about the entries was the lack of type sensitivity. Apparently, type skills were also absent in the professional world.

Out of the need to help employees, friends and students, TypeEd was born. In 2012, the founders began to formalize their typographic fundamentals and Michael’s production method into practical applications. In 2013, workshops and clinics were added as a hands-on extension to the classes.