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Type Academy Classes

Our classes pack a semester of information into each training session to form the core of our methodology. The lecture/ demonstration classes are intense and are separated into three levels of difficulty.

Type 1 | The Basics Characters & Words

A lecture-discussion class for the budding designer. It covers history, typographic vocabulary, measurements and terms, type anatomy, rhythm, pacing, the importance of grids and the page, classifications, software usage and more. Beginning level, three hours.

Type 2 | The Necessities
Sentences & Paragraphs

This class is for the intermediate designer. It demonstrates setting up pages and layout grids in InDesign. The class encompasses order, structure, line calculation, styles, multiple pages, hierarchy, InDesign techniques and more. Intermediate level, three hours.

Type 3 | The Details
Pages & Typesetting

A comprehensive class for the seasoned designer or art director who wants to finesse typographic details. The class reviews keep options, flush spaces, ligatures, fakes, kerning, hyphenation, fractions, text cleanup, and more. Advanced level, three hours.

Hands-On Workshops

Our typography workshops are eight-hour working and discussion sessions that inform and strengthen a set of skills though project design and development. They are geared toward advanced designers who have software experience and an extensive graphic design background.


Movie title sequences set the tone, atmosphere and characters for the audience, and the treatment of the title can either make or break an opening scene. Cast type in the story that it was meant to tell. Covering title treatment sequencing, concepting, planning. Beginning level for Type 1 grads, eight hours.


Calibrate your mouse and pen tablet for a calligraphic journey to explore the warmth and personality of script lettering. We’ll walk you through the characteristics and anatomy of script typefaces, and demonstrate how to specify, manipulate and build a script mark. Beginning level for Type 1 grads, eight hours.

Mark My Word

Mark My Word cultivates the wordmarks behind global brands by creating custom letterforms and logotypes. In this workshop, an existing typeface is studied and new letterforms created based on the characteristics of that typeface. Intermediate level for Type 1 graduates, eight hours.

Tables For Two

Tables For Two is an exercise in speedy communication. Students use advanced techniques such as alignment and hierarchy to design a menu that is clear, legible and helps readers choose between courses, descriptions and prices. Intermediate to advanced level for Type 2 graduates, eight hours.

Whisky Type

Whisky Type is an exercise in effective label design. Students practice balancing the messages of both traditional requirements and marketing verbiage with graphic elements, typographic hierarchy and negative space. Intermediate to advanced level for Type 2 graduates, eight hours.

Setting The Table

Setting The Table will lead students through a series of exercises with book design as the focus. Students integrate text, imagery and illustration with the overall goal of building the architecture of a full book design from the page up. Advanced level for Type 3 graduates, eight hours.


Our typography clinics are hands-on task sessions to help strengthen typographic approach. The clinics are for advanced designers who are well-versed in design and software.

Core Training

Our Core Training Boot Camp is a results-driven workout session where recruits will be challenged with repetitive design drills. Our Core Training clinic is geared for teaching the basics of grid formulation and typesetting strategy. Intermediate level, for Type 2 graduates, two hours.

Body Building

Our Body Building Boot Camp is the advanced step to Core Training for developing a system for spreads. This circuit will challenge the way you copyfit over multiple pages while building a hierarchical system with margins, gutters, folios and more. Intermediate level, for Type 2 graduates, two hours.

Pressed For Type

Our production class begins with an approach suited for the graphic designer and ends with beautiful type laid down on paper. Students will discover tricks of the trade on getting the most from a print production budget, small or large. Intermediate level, four hours.


Online Offerings

Online offerings for our remote students. All TypeEd Academy Courses include access to our Alumni Network.

CreativeLive Logo Design: Wordmarks

The wordmark is the most widely used of all logo types. Knowing how to work with typography when making logos is an essential design skill. Learn how to expertly manipulate letterforms, $59.

CreativeLive InDesign Typesetting: Design a Restaurant Menu

Your layout choices dictate what the viewer reads – you set the priorities on the page and your design guides the reader through it, $29.

CreativeLive Pairing Typefaces: Tips for Combining Fonts

“Which font should I use with this?” is an age-old question that designers constantly grapple with. You’ll learn essential rules that make answering that question easier, $29.

Skillshare Boot Camp: Core Typesetting Training in InDesign

An intermediate-level speed session for design practitioners who want to take the guesswork out of page production, Premium Skillshare Members only.

TypeEd Type 1 Online

Learn how to handle typography in a way that increases the perceived value of products and services. Covers everything in Type 1 plus granular detail on typographic terms, grid discussion, downloads and more, $229.

TypeEd Type 2 Online

Learn the proven method of typesetting skill-building that gets your design work noticed. Covers everything in Type 2 plus granular detail on terms, discussions, downloads and more, $229.