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Paper Signs for Grocery Stores

Event Name
Paper Signs for Grocery Stores

Date & Time
Tue, February 7, 2017
1:30 pm - 8:30 pm

LA Trade Tech College
Los Angeles

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What to Bring
Nothing needed for Classes, Mac Laptops required for Workshops and Clinics only. Please come with the required Adobe software already installed and ready to use.

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Registration closes 48 hours before the event. There are specified minimums to keep events open. If the class does not meet the minimum, registered attendees will be notified of the cancellation.

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Review our cancellation policy on our Attend page.

Please email rachel [at] type-ed.com or call 213-623-7267.

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Join this workshop taught by sign painter John Downer for a day of lettering paper signs, which were an important part of the overall “outer look” of grocery stores and supermarkets. Hone your letterforms through a hands-on process of practice, personal critique and expert guidance from John.

Although John has been perfecting grocery store banners for weekly specials since 1969, he has not formally taught this subject in a classroom situation. We are honored to help John bring this craft to this workshop, and you’ll be one of the very first to learn it from him.

About This Workshop

This workshop is suitable for complete beginners and those wanting to improve and refine their existing skills. Along with proper lettering process, planning and execution, you will learn:

  • Styles that can be hand-lettered efficiently with a flat brush
  • Layout techniques commonly used for this specialty type of signage
  • The importance of paint consistency and brush control
  • How to give the lettering a personality of its own

All materials and refreshments are included in the workshop donation. Please be prepared for paint to get on you and your clothes. Specific classroom location and parking information will be provided after registration.

No laptops are needed. You’ll be working with your hands all day.


The session will be held in the Sign Graphics department at the Los Angeles Trade Tech College. The Sign Graphics program at LATTC is the last remaining trade school in the country with a full-blown hand lettering program, as featured in the Sign Painters documentary film. The majority of the proceeds will go to support the LATTC Sign Graphics program.

Cancellations & Rescheduling

Review our cancellation policy on our Attend page before registering. This class must meet a minimum of at least eight (8) students or it will be cancelled. Invite your friends!

No gift certificates or coupons will be accepted for this event.

About John Downer

Photo of John Downer by Helen Lysen.

Photo of John Downer by Helen Lysen.

John Downer is an illustrious American journeyman sign painter, typeface designer and logo designer. Downer began his career as a sign painter in the late 1960s. His work was featured amongst that of others in the 2014 documentary film Sign Painters. His typefaces have been published by Bitstream, Font Bureau, Emigre, House Industries, and Design Lab. Downer studied at Washington State University and the University of Iowa. His work was featured in the Sign Painters documentary, New York Times Sunday Magazine and more.


Reservations are closed for this event. If you have inquiries about this event, please email rachel [at] type-ed.com.