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Editorial & Mentions

Adobe Typekit Blog | May 2015
Working Late: Two new events in SF

For a more hands-on experience, Scriptology on June 25 might be up your alley — especially if you’re interested in learning more about the design of script type.

Print Magazine | February 2015
4 Strategic Customized Fonts and Typefaces

TypeEd instructors Michael Stinson and Leah Faust dissect the mark design process — from the anatomy to the emotion and to script readability.

5 Typography “Lessons” from TypeEd | November 2014
AIGA Eye On Design

This week we gave TypeEd the keys to the car over at Design Envy, AIGA’s designer-curated blog, and were pleased by how they extended their “mission to educate designers on the fundamentals of typography” with daily lessons in the finer points of type design. Consider us schooled.

LA Adobe | January 2015
How to Seduce your Reader

Copy will not be read unless the type looks irresistible. Intrigue readers by creating a tantalizing page composed with rhythm, scale, shape and space. Make your readers beg to purchase, sign up, or join your cause. All with typography.

Headjam | September 2014
Typo Tuesday: TypeEd Typography School

They set out to fill the void between formal study and industry, as universities and technical colleges drop typography and other fundamentals to squeeze in new disciplines like motion and web based design.

Page Plane | September 2014
A continuing education model for typography design

I point you to it (even if the courses it offers are not online) because I like the model (you might think of other applications) and I like the design of the website—the UI and the aesthetic.

Creative Quarterly | July 2014
Workshop: Art and Science of Label Typography

“Typography is a skill of reasoning, knowledge, patience and experience, and one that produces work expressing ideas with more clarity than any other design discipline,” stated Stinson.

Pretty Haute Mess | May 2014
Sharing Negative Space With TypeEd

Last week I attended a basic type class and a lettering workshop through TypeEd so I wanted to share my experience, what I learned AND even some work I did…

Los Angeles, I’m Yours | April 2014
Learning The Basics Of Typography At TypeEd

TypeEd’s brilliant script class In The Loop is coming back this Saturday, April 26. Have a free afternoon and want to learn how to make cool type by hand? Check this out.

Linz Loves You | April 2014
Just My Type: TypeEd

A couple of weekends ago, I had the privilege of attending an 8-hour long workshop called “Setting the Table,” on one of my favorite things in the entire world: typography. Super nerdy, right? And in the best way possible.

Maggie Hicks Designs | March 2014
Whisky Type Workshop

The Whisky Type workshop was a great lecture on the history of scotch whisky and traditional type treatments of labels. After working on a traditional label and working with very classic design elements for the layout, we got to stretch our wings a bit with a more contemporary design, tailored to a younger demographic.

AIGA Los Angeles | February 2014
Interview with Michael Stinson of TypeEd

I like wordmarks because they are a challenge. Because you’re saying the name of the company, and the way you say it, needs to come across visually. It takes quite a bit of touch. The approach requires a lot of research and planning.

DAMn° international review of contemporary culture | January 2014
29 January 2014 / DAMn°42: Type Therapy

Because Maybe | January 2014
Mark My Word with TypeEd

Based in Downtown LA, TypeEd strives to bridge the gap between design education and the strong typographic foundation every designer should have by offering classes & workshops for the masses.

Quipsologies, a division of Under Consideration | December 2013
Vol. 84 | No. 92: Zach Braff Tells Typography Jokes.

You The Designer | November 2013
You! Be Informed! #0052 — Type Therapy by TypeEd

Designers! Do you feel that picking the right typeface is one of weakness? Worry not! TypeEd is here to help you cure that problem of yours. One of the most frustrating things about being a designer is picking the perfect typeface for your design. If you find yourself struggling with typography we suggest you guys thank the stars and sign-up to TypeEd’s Type Therapy.

Dexigner | November 2013
Type Therapy Clinic Helps Los Angeles Graphic Designers Add Professionalism to Their Work

‘Type Therapy’ will offer discussion, an in-studio work session and critique where participants help each other improve the typography on logos, signage, brochures, posters, web sites, and more.

Vitamin Talent Vitabites | August 2013
5 Awesome Design and Development Resources August 2013
RagRight is the blog from TypeEd, a Los Angeles-based program that teaches fundamentals of typography and typesetting courses. Cool, huh? Even if you can’t get to their live classes, RagRight is an excellent resource for typography, lettering, and design.

HOW Design | August 2013
Top 10 Websites for Designers – August 2013
TypeEd is an educational program that teaches the fundamentals of typography. Their blog, Rag Right, is a resource for good typography, lettering and design.

Los Angeles, I’m Yours | July 2013
Learning The Basics Of Typography At TypeEd

The cult of design is rising in Los Angeles. We are not anywhere near the likes of Portland or New York but we are on our way to rival them. As a result of all the small batch makers, independent creatives, multiple techy startup situations, and the culture permeating from Silicon Beach, designers and the world of design is asserting itself into the Los Angeles lifestyle—and there are a few sanctuaries for this cult of design to congregate too.

At Work Right Now/Parallel-Play | July 2013
In the Loop with Leah Faust at TypeEd

One of the challenges every designer faces, is finding a new ways to stay fresh. In an ever-changing landscape of style, technique and technology it is just as important to be learning new things as it is to be working. Thankfully the number of design development resources is booming right now.

Adweek Fishbowl NY | July 2013
TypeEd Offers Type Classes for the Masses

Poor typeface selection, butchered executions of proper glyph handling, the ridiculous setting of justified copy: these are just some of the typographic tragedies that TypeEd aims to banish from the planet.

Mediabistro Unbeige | July 2013
TypeEd Offers Type Classes for the Masses

Poor typeface selection, butchered executions of proper glyph handling, the ridiculous setting of justified copy: these are just some of the typographic tragedies that TypeEd aims to banish from the planet.

Dexigner | July 2013
Whisky Type Workshop: The Art and Science of Label Typography

In an upcoming workshop called “Whisky Type,” students will learn informative and eye-catching label design using typographic hierarchy and effective use of negative space.

Adweek | July 2013
TypeEd Offers Type Classes for the Masses

We asked Stinson, a veteran designer/art director and TypeEd’s lead instructor, to tell us more about “typesetting for the jetsetting” and couldn’t resist the ‘ol desert island fonts question—read on for his top three typefaces.

Los Angeles, I’m Yours | June 2013
TypeEd Classes To Take!

Get this: TypeEd can teach you all about type. They have a few classes coming up to note.


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