Intense Coaching Programs

Fast-track group coaching is aimed to help you work smarter, save time, gain confidence, charge more, and push you on the path to success.


Brand Apprenticeship 

A selective, invitation-only, 12-week hybrid coaching program for high-achieving solopreneurs and studio owners who want to contribute more to their clients’ success by professionally designing and developing brand identity systems and systemizing their businesses  in the process.


InDurance One: InDesign for Typesetting 

Our 6-week InDesign for Typesetting Boot Camp focuses on giving you experience with formatting and handling a lot of various types of content. Quickly plan and produce multi-page systems with grids, pages, hierarchy, imagery, color, type detailing, and more into pre-press-proof files in a way that saves time and budget. 

Ready to get started and transform your work?

Rates for enrolling into our coaching groups start at $1,000 a month and include weekly lessons, live Q&A video sessions, private Facebook group,  plus ongoing support.

To get started, book a call and we will get in touch with you right away.

These programs are for designers who are 100% ready to level up their skills and are committed to turning around their career right now. On the call we will  review your portfolio, personal, and professional background. We will discuss opportunities and a framework for how you can reach your goals—and decide together if you’re a great fit for working with TypeEd in one of our intimate and intensive programs, and if not, we’ll direct you to where you can find the help you need.