Customized Team Training

Discover how  the typographic process has helped design teams like yours. See an immediate difference in design productivity and resulting output.

As you know, it is easy to waste a lot of time guesstimating when it comes to personal design preference, readability, and what looks ‘professional.’

The secret to grid and typography systems is: numbers. In fact, issues surrounding readability, design effectiveness, consistency, process and speed are all solved with engineering moreso than art.

We help marketing execs, art directors and design managers help their teams address and fix design and production issues by teaching a typographic methodology that merges reading science, typesetting history and digital design processes.

We’ve worked with teams at Disney Art Share, Mattel Toybox Packaging, Simpson Strong-Tie, Liquid Agency, Blizzard Entertainment, Living Spaces, AC Pro, WPS Publishing, Felix Limited, and more.

We help marketing and design teams level up their type skills and address specific issues in the consistency of design effectiveness, process, speed and readability. 

A training program involves theory, critical thinking, and skill mastery. Our programs involve an assessment, class, hands-on workshop and work review. 

Programs are conducted on-site and remotely. Let’s talk about a few ways we can increase your team’s awareness and performance immediately.

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I wanted to thank you for the critique session and helping our design team at ACPro improve our typographic process. It went really well and we are very thankful for your help!
— Michael VerCruysse, Marketing Specialist at ACPro
I have just reviewed the recorded call between you and our designer on the last client project. That was super helpful for her, thank you so much. I have also just seen some revised artwork from our other designer on the logo project that you mentored her on, which I am totally blown away with. Initially, the layout and design was a stuck situation, but now it has just blossomed out so right!
— Marc Ellis, Creative Director, Felix Limited UK