Bring on the Varsity Team.

With our group coaching program, you bring on a winning team of peers to support your daily design progress, skill development & career trajectory.

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin. So how about we begin right now, together, get it all straightened out for you, so that you can build a successful design career? To help support your achievements, you need the right support group. If you’ve ever hired a business coach, therapist, or fitness trainer, then you understand the value of working directly with experts.

What if you had a team of experts specializing in typography, print design, web design, creative direction, UX, branding, freelancing, and more at your fingertips?

When you join the Varsity Team, you surround yourself with people who won’t let you fail. You will work with fellow designers and typographers who understand what it means to create effective and meaningful work. You’ll quickly gain a knowledgeable sounding board for your ideas, leverage the collective wisdom of the group, learn best practices and fast-track your success.

The Team is intense, small, and limited. Weekly meetings are facilitated and members are challenged collectively. This is not a membership, it's a mastermind.

Once on the Team, you’ll be a part of the inner circle on an all-star team of designers with similar professional accomplishment. There's no random tips and tricks here, we address your specific concerns addressed to achieve your goals and encouragement along the way.


varsity team

Gain clarity on professional, client and design system strategies. You can transform your work, leverage your decision-making time, retain your clients, and boldly face your fears with the relationships you'll have with your teammates.