Monthly Group Coaching Program

On the Varsity Team, you’ll push your typographic muscles and actively strengthen your design skills with a monthly portfolio-level project.


Build your portfolio and drastically improve your approach, efficiency, skills, and mindset... one month at a time. Each month serves as an online workshop with community support, focusing on an area of knowledge and skill, to help you strengthen your work.


When you join the Varsity Team, you will surround yourself with people who won’t let you fail. Work with coaches and fellow designers who understand what it means to create effective and meaningful work. In the process, you’ll gain a knowledgeable sounding board for your ideas, leverage the collective wisdom of the group, learn best practices and fast-track your success.

Multiple monthly meetings are facilitated and members are challenged collectively. Once on the Team, you’ll interact with the lead instructors and team members on video calls and online discussions, and be part of a all-star team of designers with similar professional accomplishment.

Outside of the monthly projects, the Varsity Team design community also supports your general growth. Design-related discussions and critiques around current client and employer work, pricing and process, tools and tricks, are encouraged.

I’ve gotten great feedback on my work, learned tricks of the trade, and have been able to tap into a team of versatile, experienced, and professional designers. In less than three months of joining, my freelance business is taking off! While it’s been crazy learning the ropes of the business, it feels great to know I can call on the TypeEd Team for support.
— Michelle Garcia, Graphic Designer & Owner at MeeshWorks

Varsity Team Benefits

The Varsity Team is your design mastermind, where typography is the core, but we go above and beyond to help you succeed. Our group is focused on improving typography and design ability.

  • Group Coaching on Monthly Design Challenges & Typography-Related Projects

  • Participation & Observation of Live Critique Meetings

  • Weekly Online Prompts and Discussion

  • Monthly Open Drop-In Office Hour with Michael Stinson

  • Access and Downloads of the Month’s Video Meetings


Challenge-Focused training

Monthly project briefs are presented and each Team member will be challenged to use their design and typography skills to ideate, execute, and efficiently produce a solution. Projects will range from wordmarks to packaging to editorial layouts. The design challenges are portfolio-level projects to help you learn typography lessons, gain practice, and obtain opportunities for support and intense skill growth. 

when we meet

Live meeting calls (conducted remotely) will be scheduled on weekends, Pacific Standard Time.  Online discussions within the team take place 24/7. If you plan on actively participating and getting feedback on live calls, plan to have open availability during these times. All meetings are recorded in case you cannot attend live.

live call Schedule

Time for weekly live calls! And if you miss any of these  sessions, no worries... the calls are recorded, and replays are posted inside the Varsity Team.

Week 1: Project Brief

The month will kick off with a project challenge, one that will help you get unstuck and push you outside of your comfort zone. The project will be discussed as well as the learning outcomes you can expect from the month’s topic. This call will be public for many to watch, but only Team Members will get access to ask questions and discuss approach and tactics further.

Although completing the project is optional, we highly recommend you try to get as far as possible and demonstrate your progress. 

Week 2: Progress Check-Ins & Hot Seats

Four Team Members will hop on a 15-minute 1-on-1 hot seat to discuss planning, ideation,  sketches, and progress on the challenge or  any other work they need focused feedback from the group.

Week 3: Office Hours

Open office hours with Michael are for a deep-dive into whatever project, challenge, or idea members working on in their day job, passion project, or business. 

Week 4: Final Critique

Four Team Members will hop on a 15-minute 1-on-1 hot seat with Michael & Rachel to review their final projects, discuss ways to present, modify, or extend the project for their career portfolio.

Varsity Team Member Commitments

Eighty percent of success is just showing up, but there’s also work to be done. Once you’re drafted to the team, commitments are required in order to ensure your progress and success over the month. All team members are required to commit to:

  • Being accountable. Team Members will respond with their progress on milestones, even if there is not much to report.

  • Sharing. If members hit roadblocks they will seek help, and if they have a discovery, members will share with the Team.

  • Providing valuable feedback. Team Members will comment and/or critique a minimum of five projects a month in our online forum.

  • Participating in calls. Members will commit to attending at least one live meeting per month.

  • Being trustworthy. All Team member conversations, topics, and/or issues written, spoken, and heard or cannot be shared with anyone who is not a Varsity Team member for any reason without prior written permission. Members will be removed for violating this policy. This rule is strictly enforced to create a safe space for all members.

comprehensive typography accelerator program

To really accelerate your typographic excellence, our Varsity Accelerator Program provides a close working relationship and intense portfolio project development. You will be on an accelerated path with real weekly deadlines and calls with Michael. With our help, you will be able to:

  • Work deeper on connecting concept to execution with a typographic focus

  • Efficiently use design fundamentals to create a professional-level projects

  • Execute projects to demonstrate a well-rounded expertise in your portfolio


Varsity Team access is $145 per month, or $375 for a 3-month consecutive commitment. Team Membership includes weekly live video instruction, online forum access, and video recordings of critiques. Apply below.

Apply Now

Do you need professional development that is transformational, not informational? Are you seeking a support path that helps you work towards your strengths and leverages your design talent?

Apply now to see if you’re who we’re looking for. You will hold your spot on the Team by pre-paying and filling out the application. Accepted members will gain access on the first day of the month. When a spot is available, we will inform you of your acceptance, and gain access on the 2nd. If you apply on or after the 1st, you’ll stay on the waiting list until an open spot frees up the following month. Varsity Team registration closes on the last day of each month.

Varsity Team Membership
from 145.00

Applying to join the Varsity Team. This is a paid mastermind and group coaching program with typography skill improvement as the core focus. 

How Many Months:
Join the Varsity Team

Refunds and cancellation requests can only be granted only up until the 3rd of the month.

My experience with the Varsity Team was very useful...especially seeing Michael give suggestions and go through our files, as well as the issues students they had in the polishing the design. Online all you ever see is completed pieces, you don’t always see the thoughts or challenges behind them, so that was nice to see! The Team helped me catch up to people that have years more of experience. While I have access to teachers about things, their answers are usually pretty short, and their critiques, a little too nice. They probably deal with a bunch of new design students that might not handle critiques or might get discouraged but I think I’m mostly past that part. This provided more depth into design.
— Ed Montalvo, Sessions College