We’d still like to say–bashfully–that as much as we delight in working with our students, we find that they enjoy working with us too.

Graphic designer Augie Freeman was able to take what he learned at TypeEd to speed up his workflow and shared the knowledge with the design team at LiveNation.

The clear and detailed discussions of the particulars of type made it easy for me to grasp the underlying foundations that support strong typography. I quickly learned how to set type in beautiful and readable compositions that are systematically constructed and professionally presentable. Michael makes the subject of typography a manageable and memorable experience. His instruction was a strong influence in how I approached designing the portfolio that led to my acceptance at Pasadena Art Center.
— Jena Myung, Graphic Designer & Art Center College of Design Graduate
I wanted to thank you for the critique session and helping our design team at ACPro improve our typographic process. It went really well and we are very thankful for your help!
— Michael VerCruysse, Marketing Specialist at ACPro
These courses allow me to be fully immersed with none of the distractions of a community college. I also enjoy learning from a great instructor like Michael who wants to be there and wants to share his love of something.
— Madelyn Badaracco, College of the Canyons Student
TypeEd blew the door open to the world of typography for me. As a self-taught designer for over 20 years, I had barely scratched the surface of meaningful type setting. Now my world of design is ever expanding and I have Michael and Rachel of TypeEd to thank for it.
— Marina Jimenez, Senior Multimedia Designer San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools
Thanks to TypeEd, I keep spotting incorrect uses of hyphens, em dashes, and en dashes. #educated
— Jake, Senior Designer at Five & Done
It doesn’t matter if I’ve worked in the industry for ‘x’ years, I just learned a butt-load of info at the TypeEd workshop today.
— Jenny Famularcano, Designer at Column Five
I’m currently taking a typography class at a local university—we’re about halfway through and I swear I learned more in any single TypeEd class than I have this whole quarter so far.”
— Liddy Padgett, Graphic Designer at InStyler
Michael visited my Typography I class at the Tyler School of Art to lecture and to conduct a typographic exercise. All of the students walked away from the critique with constructive criticisms that they were able to apply to other work. On my teacher evaluation, ALL of my students commented that the workshop with Michael was their favorite class of the semester.
— Abby Bennett, Design Faculty Member, Temple University
Michael is a master of graphic design and his true expertise lies in typography. His teaching method involves using a combination of exposing us to real-life examples that he sees everyday and showing us how to improve upon it. He brings the details and intricacies of typography to your awareness and opens your world to the beauty and art of type.
— Daniel Gomez, College of the Canyons Design Student
“My experience with the TypeEd Junior Varsity Team was very useful...especially seeing Michael give suggestions and go through our files, as well as the issues students they had in the polishing the design. Online all you ever see is completed pieces, you don’t always see the thoughts or challenges behind them, so that was nice to see! The Team helped me catch up to people that have years more of experience. While I have access to teachers about things, their answers are usually pretty short, and their critiques, a little too nice. They probably deal with a bunch of new design students that might not handle critiques or might get discouraged but I think I’m mostly past that part. This provided more depth into design.
— Ed Montalvo, Student at Sessions College
I’ve gotten great feedback on my work, learned tricks of the trade, and have been able to tap into a team of versatile, experienced, and professional designers. In less than three months of joining, my freelance business is taking off! While it’s been crazy learning the ropes of the business, it feels great to know I can call on the TypeEd Team for support.
— Michelle Garcia, Graphic Designer & Owner at MeeshWorks
The TypeEd duo very much enjoyed visiting us and running the typography workshop. We were equally impressed by their knowledge and ability to share their skills—so much so that we’re already looking at future opportunities to bring them back.
— Bradley Wajcman, AIGA Colorado Workshop Chair