Type 1: The Basics Class

The basics of characters. Historical origins of language and writing. Identifying and classifying typefaces. These are the basic requirements needed to get your bachelor’s in Kick-Ass Typography. 

In this class, you’ll earn your degree with measurements, type anatomy, history, and classifications. You might end up a valedictorian in letterspacing. You’ll impress all the ladies with your knowledge of difference between a typeface and a font and tell stories about Herbert Bayer like he was your BFF. 

The Basics: Characters & Words is a beginning lecture-demonstration class for the type enthusiast, design dabbler, beginning design student or junior designer who possesses the basic knowledge about graphic design. You’ll learn:

  • What is type and where does it come from
  • About the types of serifs, stories and other terms
  • The importance of horizontal and vertical rhythm
  • Absolute and relative measurements, how and when to use each
  • Classifications and anatomy

Tuition $195 for a 3-hour session. Registration fee includes refreshments.

Type 1

Typography Skill Level: None

Software proficiency: None


  • None needed, bring yourself
  • Refreshments will be served