Type 2: The Necessities Class

You never saw it coming: a hyphen just jumped out of nowhere and ruined your perfect rag. To survive this type of ninja attack in the future, you’ll need to learn typographic kung-fu.

We’ll train you to defend yourself against the likes of bad design habits by rapidly recognizing type categories, characteristics and choosing faces to improve readability. And then: spacing, tracking and kerning shortcuts happen in an instant. You’ll take down unbalanced kerning and maneuver expert type handling like it’s second nature.

The Necessities: Sentences & Paragraphs is an intermediate lecture-demonstration class for the practiced designer or graduating college student who has some working knowledge of typography and understands the basics of setting type in InDesign. You’ll learn:

  • To correctly set up a typographic hierarchy
  • How to handle quotes, dashes and type weights
  • Calculations for determining type sizes
  • The ins and outs of pairing typefaces
  • Proportion and ratios from page to margins to alleys

Tuition $195 for a 3-hour session. Registration fee includes refreshments.

Type 2

Typography Skill Level: Intermediate

Software proficiency: None


  • None needed, bring yourself
  • Refreshments will be served