Type 3: The Details Class

Okay, so you committed a type crime (how embarrassing)! Relax, no need to go on academic probation, just enroll yourself in The Details. It’s like finishing school for typographers.

In this class, we’ll cover all of the little elements that lead to the creation of a gorgeous layout. Picture yourself beautifully setting catalogs, standards manuals, annual reports and books quickly and easily. Accessorize with ligatures, glyphs, fractions, and special characters. You’ll seduce your reader with elegant details, throughout your flowing and refined copy.

The Details: Pages & Typesetting is an advanced lecture-demonstration class for the graduated design student, seasoned designer, or art director who already knows how to set type but needs help with type massaging and detailing in InDesign. You’ll learn:

  • How to develop typographic hierarchy quickly
  • Setting up multi-page documents
  • InDesign techniques for creating nice rags and avoiding rivers
  • Methods of line calculation
  • Using styles palettes to work faster

Tuition $195 for a 3-hour session. Registration fee includes refreshments.

Type 3

Typography Skill Level: Advanced

Software proficiency: None


  • None needed, bring yourself
  • Refreshments will be served