Instructional Designer Bradley Pierce

Bradley is a Curriculum Developer & Instructional Designer with Konica Minolta who designs learning content for internal sales teams, dealership partners and end users of products and services.

Bradley’s focus is in long-form learning content in instruction guides and other multipage collateral. He joined the Varsity Team after taking in-person classes and recently received an outstanding performance review for his design work.

“In my current role of being a Curriculum Developer, I am responsible for developing and designing training for my company’s employees and also our end-user customers. The previous content I developed needed a much more professional and polished look. I knew what I wanted the deliverables to look like, but didn’t know how to make it happen.

“I started taking workshops at TypeEd, and found that Michael and Rachel’s sincere passion in teaching design was absolutely second to none. TypeEd’s in-person workshops and the virtual-led “Varsity Team” program are so engaging, it inspires you to learn more and develop your skills.

“Michael and Rachel know how to build a very personal relationship with their students therefore being able to dial into specific needs of their students. The students enrolled in the Varsity Team program are just as much of an asset to learning as Michael and Rachel.  The experience each member of the Varsity Team brings, pays huge dividends in my growth.”

I went from “zero” to “hero” in my department.
— Bradley Pierce, Konica Minolta