Letter Better: The Next Dimension

  • TypeEd 145 Valley Street Pasadena, CA, 91105

Lettering is not calligraphy, but rather illustrated type. Good thing, because this elective is not about perfection, it’s about communication. Once you add concept and texture to letterforms, it adds a level of meaning to your work.

Dimensional type will reinforce the meaning of the word with an illustrative and human touch. It’s a unique skill to learn and possess, one that requires knowledge of both illustration and typography. This is the second session in the Letter Better series with new approaches to lettering with Ana Gómez Bernaus.

Techniques covered in The Next Dimension are:

  • Bubble Type (Illustrator line tool, Photoshop treatment)
  • Flag Letters (geometric shapes, blend)
  • Feathers (pen too, duplication, rotation and blend)

Check what techniques are covered in Dimensional Lettering.

About the instructor

Ana Gómez Bernaus’ specialty is a mix of illustration and typography, making lettering her favorite discipline. Her lettering and title treatment work with Imaginary Forces, Nike, BigStar NY, Trinchero Wines, Psyop, Converse, and others have earned her much recognition including the TDC Certificate of Typographic Excellence.


About This Session

In this clinic, you will incorporate typographic fundamentals with visual concepts to create the illustrative meaning of words. Such type treatments are perfect for book covers, motion titles, ad campaigns and more. You’ll learn:

  • To design basic letterforms as a guide for the wordmark
  • How to illustrate dimension for maximum effect
  • About spacing and weight to create unity
  • Use playful techniques to add to the finished product


Intermediate Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop experience are necessary to perform session tasks. 

  • Have taken Type 1 or have 3+ years of design/typography experience
  • Possess intermediate Illustrator and Photoshop skills
  • 21 years or older
  • Please contact us for education eligibility if you unsure


  • Bring a fully-charged mac laptop, mouse and tablet as needed
  • Have a version of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop software installed

Cancellations & Rescheduling

If you can’t make it, email us at least 24 hours in advance to move your registration to another class date of your choice. Full refunds will be honored only if a cancellation is requested seven (7) days or more prior to the original scheduled event.