Tables for Two Workshop

Organize chaotic information into easy-to-read tabs and tables. Nibble on methods for visual organization. Dine on tasty tabular figures and hierarchy. Indulge in our buffet of typography time-saving tips.

In this workshop, two main courses are served: organization and prioritization. You’ll learn how to whip up complex material, such as a dinner menu, into shape. By understanding scanning habits, you will be able to create a reading experience for a restaurant guest. 

This workshop will help you master small text, different types of emphasis, figures, columns, side bars, captions and footnotes. You’ll achieve high honors from your handling of gorgeous copy and numerals.

Students will learn how to design a system for speedy, efficient communication using alignment tools such as tabs and tables and hierarchical tips to increase legibility and readability. Registration fee includes refreshments and materials.

Tuition $175 for an 8-hour session. Registration fee includes refreshments and materials. Click the banner image above to view photos of previous sessions.

tables for two

Typography Skill Level: Level 2

Software proficiency: Intermediate


  • Have completed Type 2 (or have 4 to 6+ years working experience and/or formal design education)
  • Please contact us for skill level and eligibility if you are unsure


  • Bring a fully-charged laptop that can accept USB drives (MacBooks preferred)
  • Come with your preferred input device(s): mouse, trackpad, stylus and pen tablet
  • Install a version of Adobe InDesign CS software (free trial can be found on Adobe's Web Site)
  • Refreshments will be served