007. Terrance Weinzierl: Adventures in Kerning & Curiosity

“Design as craftsmanship, or design as a practice or a discipline... it’s not easy all the time, and I think it’s like any other skills you want to develop. You have to put in the time and you’ll get better.”

Terrance Weinzierl is an in-house type designer at Monotype where most of his time is dedicated to custom fonts.

In this episode, Terrance reveals how he came to specialize in type, and show some development milestones along the way. Besides type design, he touches on calligraphy, lettering, and real-world applications like food packaging. He talks about some of his greatest hits like the custom font family for Domino’s, Joanna Sans Nova, and Kairos.

The original interview was recorded on April 29, 2016.

I met Terrance at Typecon in Washington D.C. and enjoyed his talk that he gave about observations in food packaging, and have been watching his work ever since. 

In the typography talk segment with Michael Stinson, I changed it up a bit and included a portion of a one-on-one mentoring session between Michael and Winston. Winston asks Michael some questions that most designers ask, so we decided to share the recording. Thank you, Winston Struye for sharing some of this conversation!

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