008. Angela Southern: Bespoke Lettering

“Everyone has their own style, I think that'll come out easily over time with just working a lot, and being aware of what's out there.”

Angela Southern is a bespoke lettering artist and illustrator who learned her craft on the job as a sign artist at Trader Joe’s from other professional lettering artists at the company. She became good at cranking out lots of artwork under deadline and is now doing work for Time Out, Cooking Light Magazine, Chicago Magazine, Hudson Valley Magazine, The Wall Street Journal and more.

In this podcast episode, we talk to Angela about her inspirations and her path in how she got into lettering (spoiler alert: Trader Joe’s)!

The original interview was recorded on May 13, 2016.

In the typography talk segment I ask Aspacia Kusulas about calligraphy; why it's so important to learn for a typographer, lettering artist or type designer. 

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