Six Summer Accessories For Typographers

Typography Accessories for Summer
Typography Accessories for Summer

From apps to rings, we're rounding up six of the must-have hot type essentials of the season.

1. Keep time beautifully this summer with


, an app for the iPhone and HD for the iPad. And because we’re totally

into the details

of type, when I’m away from the computer we can’t help but add the curves of our favorite typefaces onto an alternative screen. (TypeClock,

, $0.99)

4. Another must-have beach accessory is this handsome stacked-type tee shirt. I love this one that attests to a strong work ethic, a quote you’ll need to keep at bay when you’re out on vacation. (Winners Never Quit,, $24)

2. Save yourself from endless return addressing with these delightful custom self-inking stamps. These embossers will keep you cool, and you might start stamping more than correspondence. (Custom Ink Stamps,, $65)

5. Who says you can’t kern by the pool? Big, bold jewelry helps to prove those naysayers wrong. Add a bit of letterspacing to your shades and cute bikini just by slippng on these Kern Rings. (Kern Rings,, $12)

3. Gorgeous Helvetica recycled teak wood letters bring the beauty of Bali to your studio. I especially love that each one comes in a silkscreened fabric bag. (Helvetica Word Letters,, $26)

6. Jetsetters won’t need to word search when the letters light up in unexpected places. The stainless steel QLOCKTWO watch is simple and brilliant. (QLOCKTWO W,, no price)