Creative Types: What's Your Choice Face For Everyday Use?

Courier Handmade book
Courier Handmade book

“Lately of I've been switching all my Microsoft apps to Courierif you can believe it. I think I've reached that point in my life that I'm sick of thinking about which font to use. Otherwise, I'm a Gotham guy.”—Steven Ryan, Partner at VSA Partners

“For a while (in the late 90s and early 2000s), I loved Franklin Gothic IT. For my own use it's likely to be Roboto or Avenir ; I just discovered there's a Roboto Slab earlier tonight (jury is out). I've had my eye on Idlewild and Tungsten, but I don't own them (yet).” —Andrew Twigg, Adjunct Faculty at Carnegie Mellon University

“Okay so, probably a weird unique font: Helvetica Neue Light. Interesting with all the font controversy of iOS7. So, I use this for personal settings as well as wherever I can. Sans serif, easy to read, right settings, the letters just feel right and I like the lighter weight.” —Tuck Ross, Director of Marketing of  Musician's Friend at Guitar Center

Helvetica Neue (specifically Light and Bold).” —Petrula Vrontikis, Creative Director, Vrontikis Design Office

“I normally use Myriad or Tahoma. They look pretty clean and modern to me.” — Jackson Sze, Senior Illustrator at Marvel Studios

“We LOVE Akzidenz-Grotesk. We've been using it since starting starting Zookeeper in 1999. Originally released in 1896, it's still timeless and has a bit more personality than some of the later sans serif fonts of the mid 20th century. You can see it in use at” —Dave Waite, Creative Director at Zookeeper

“As my life & career have evolved so has my aesthetic & taste in typography. I had a serif period post undergrad where Mrs. Eaves was my go to (it's still used on my CV). I moved on to Interstate for a while, that was just a phase. Then I was obsessed with Gotham for a long time. I had a brief obsession with Bello, a short affair with Cholla (unicase of course). Oh, and intersperse Helvetica Neue anywhere along the way where i may have been lost and trying to "find" my identity again (or working on GUI design). But I'd say Knockout because I like to imagine my life in advertising/design is like a boxing promoter, always trying to hype up the next big thing and get my hustle on.” —Scott McClure, Senior Art Director at Ogilvy