Intimate, Curvaceous and Expressive

When creating a script mark for a brand, it is important to consider the tone of the name, style of concept, physical places it will exist: either designing for functionality and aesthetic.

When we go about this process at lfnco., we begin with research, inspiration and mood boards. This is the time to dream together. We bring ideas to the client first and establish style direction through creative brainstorming and process of elimination. It makes it easier and faster to have a focused direction before starting into the first design phase.

Scriptology workshop
Scriptology workshop

The process in creating the personality of a mark is important, too. Repeating shapes between letterforms establishes a visual rhythm. When paired with consistent stress, this helps brings the mark together, strengthening the relationship between forms and increasing legibility.

Hand lettering is truly the gateway to custom type and logo design, and those skills attract branding jobs—every client loves a custom logo. What's special about the hand-lettered script is that it's always been intimate, curvaceous and expressive, and a reminder that we are human. Especially in our time where most messages are communicated through a device.

Instead of pushing for trend, I focus on diving into research, finding the source, and all of the work in it’s circle of influence. Our goal is to create modern designs that are inspired by history to create marks that stand the test of time.