003. Rod Cavazos: Playful Perspectives on Type Design

“Think of letters in terms of clay that you’re gonna sculpt. They don’t need to be fully sculpted before you jump them in to the digital side of things.”

In this episode, we chat with Rod Cavazos, Principal Type Designer at PSY/OPS, who’s created dozens of typefaces for top tier corporations and brands, schools and nonprofits, and even a couple of governments. Rod also has a quirky sense of play, and it is something he explores with obsessive delight.

The original interview was recorded on February 12, 2016.

In this session we get a rare peek at some of the type projects and mindset Rod and his team work on in their San Francisco design office, PSY/OPS

Rod also serves as Adjunct Professor of Type Design at California College of the Arts; and Instructional Lead at (The) Alphabetic Order. His passion for type and teaching are boundless, and he can usually be found experimenting with letters in some form, on screen or off.

At the end, Michael Stinson and I discuss why typography is so essential to logotype design and development. 

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