Creative Types: What’s Your Choice Face For Everyday Use?

Trade Gothic specimen book cover by Shane Legaspi
Trade Gothic specimen book cover by Shane Legaspi

Trade Gothic. At least that’s what comes to mind, not overthinking it… because of its nice clean feel and it doesn’t feel cold.”—Karin Fong, Creative Director at Imaginary Forces

“The Helvetica Neue family. Versatility, many weights and readability.” —Kelly Kliebe, Creative Director at The Garage

Big Caslon at 18 point size.” —Joshua Scott Onysko, CEO and Founder of  Pangea Organics

Garamond, because I imagine everything as a book by H.G. Wells trying to stay ahead of an insane pace of change.” —John Hockenberry, Host and Co-Creator of The Takeaway, WNYC Radio

“I use Century Gothic in 12 points for everything. I like it's circularity.” —Kevin Glover, Producer Specialist at Starbucks Global Creative Studio

“Usually some combination of Helvetica or Univers with Sabon. Just two nice typefaces that go well together. I like to use typefaces that have a full range of weights. Sabon doesn’t have that, but it’s a beautiful text face with a great italic.” —Stefan Bucher, the man behind 344 Design and

“Right now it's Adobe Hebrew. I like the weight of it, and it has old-style numbers, which I vastly prefer. I switched from Adobe Garamond because I could not get it to default to old-style numbers.” —Robert Fink, Professor of Musicology at UCLA