The Calligraphic Stylings of Kourosh Beigpour

Arabic typography posters
Arabic typography posters

Left: Sadeq Chubak, Right: Scientific Meeting of the Iranian


Kourosh Beigpour received his Bachelor's in Art at the University of Tehran, and his Master's in Malaysia, where he worked on Persian-Arabic font design and generated new fonts based on manuscript. We were inspired by his beautiful posters and asked him to share them with us.

Where do you find inspiration?

I am mainly inspired by Persian Calligraphy. I enjoy bridging between old and new styles of traditional calligraphy and contemporary typography and somehow mix them together.

Whenever I have a subject to design for, I get my main inspiration by the subject idea. If I have enough knowledge about the subject, I'll go with my own feelings and if not I'll try to get some information from the client and little bit of my own research.

The Sadeq Chubak poster was made in 2013 for H&S media based in UK. He’s was one of the famous novel writers in Iran who passed away in 1998 in Berkley. This poster was made to remember him and always honor his work as an Iranian writer. It was published on H&S media website, as well as print in the UK.

The poster made for Scientific Meeting of Iranian theater poster designs in Iranian Artist forum. It’s been printed in Tehran and the client was Iranian Theatre Poster Designers Society (ITPS).They had a conference about history and discussion of Iranian Theater Posters.

Arabic typography
Arabic typography

Left: Maurice Blanchot, Right: Omar Khayyam Neyshabouri

The Maurice Blanchot poster is actually one of my favorite subjects, I made this poster in an honor of Maurice Blanchot (a great French philospher and a writer) commemorating the 10th years since he passed away. This poster was published in Maurice Blanchot organization's web site.

Omar Khayyam was a great Persian polymath, philosopher, mathematician, astronomer and poet. This poster was designed for his birth anniversary last year and was published by H&S Media Publication.

What are you main considerations when designing the posters?

My thought process depends on the subject, it’s more like a mind challenge. Sometimes I follow the rules and start with hand sketching and sometimes I already have the design set in my mind and I go straight to design. However, it's happened many times where I did the basic sketch, and when it came down to design all of a sudden a new ideas came a cross my mind and I end up changing the whole design. After all, what I've learned is that if I have the basic idea, I can always come up with better ideas to improve and of course, present a better design to client.

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