Extra Credit Giveaway: A Portfolio Review (1-on-1 with Mike)

I enjoy working with people who are serious about learning how to better their typography skills and make strides in their work. Those of you who have taken my Boot Camp Clinic know how these repetitive drills can strengthen your typesetting muscle memory and sharpen your eye. 

I’d like to help you improve the typography work by spending some time reviewing your work and giving feedback on your projects. I’m seeking three designers to join me for private face-to-face portfolio reviews and to give some specific suggestions to help you improve your type.

So, at the end of April, I’m giving away an hour-long private mentoring session (worth $150) to three lucky designers who post their finished page in my Boot Camp: Core Typesetting Training in InDesign Skillshare Class. The session will be conducted privately via video online and recorded for your reference.

Here’s the challenge: enroll, perform the suicide drills, complete the page in 10 minutes or less and post the final PDF in the Skillshare Class.

Three winners will be chosen randomly, but if you set your page in anything other than the default face Minion, your changes may be boosted (no promises)! If you’ve already posted your project, then you’re in the running.

Winners will be chosen from the Projects tab on April 30 and contacted via project comment. Good luck and see you in Skillshare!